Dix Pit

This is the most attractive pit to birds in the Lower Windrush Valley Complex, due to its size, shallowness, islands, and lack of disturbance from watersports. It is also relatively accessible, though the approach road to the Waste Disposal Centre is not officially a public right-of-way for cars. Nearby landfill sites mean that the population of gulls is particularly high (especially during the week; there is less tipping at weekends).

SP409045 (Waste Disposal Centre)

From Oxford take the Botley Road (A420) and Eynsham Road (B4044) through Farmoor village to Swinford Toll Bridge. Cross the toll bridge (5p toll each way for cars) and turn left at the next roundabout (B4449, signposted Stanton Harcourt), then keep left again. After passing through Sutton village, keep straight on at a roundabout (signposted to Hardwick), then turn left (signposted "Waste Disposal Centre") then turn immediately right onto the Dix Pit approach road. The pit will shortly appear on the left (there is a layby almost immediately on the left of the approach road and it's often worth a look from here). Keep straight on around the pit till you reach the Waste Disposal centre and park on the left - you are advised to check with the staff of the Waste Disposal Centre that's it's OK to park, and to check when the gates will be closed. There is a 20mph speed limit on the approach road (and speed bumps).

Access to cars is limited (by gate) to daylight hours; public footpaths allow access at other times. Please ask permission before parking by the Waste Disposal Centre or leaving the immediate area on foot.

Gulls (particularly Yellow-legged Gulls), grebes, ducks and terns.
Vicarage Pit, Hardwick GPs, Northmoor GP, Farmoor Reservoir.
Dave Dunford