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23/10/2019 (Wed)
BTML Turtle Doves, Trial Plots and Trichomonas: Understanding and conserving the UK's rarest dove.
By: Dr Jenny Dunn
The European Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur is the UK’s fastest declining breeding bird species. The UK population has declined by 98% since 1970 and this decline is mirrored across Europe; this decline is through to be driven by a reduction in the number of breeding attempts per year combined with a dietary shift from arable weed seeds to anthropogenic food sources. Here, I will first describe habitat management trials designed to provide a source of seeding arable plants throughout the turtle dove breeding season. Second, I describe research determining the spatial scale for providing this foraging habitat in farmland alongside suitable nesting habitat. Third, I discuss the evidence for dietary change within this species and the implications of this dietary change for nestling survival and parasite transmission. Finally, I will discuss the on-going challenges for conservation of this species.

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24/11/2019 (Sun)
Dinton Pastures, Berkshire
Dinton Pastures, Berkshire

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2019-10-20Black Redstart1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-10-17Ring Ouzel1WoodcoteEFG
2019-10-13Rock Pipit3Farmoor Reservoir: CausewayDJ
2019-10-08Barn Owl1Stanton St. John: Stanton St. John PitCEB
2019-10-04Rock Pipit1Farmoor Reservoir: CausewayDJ
2019-09-30Tawny Owl1RisinghurstAGG
2019-09-30Meadow Pipit38Southfield Golf CourseTDB
2019-09-29Hobby1Little Wittenham: Little Wittenham Nature ReserveR M G
2019-09-28House Martin130Southfield Golf CourseTDB
2019-09-25Hobby1Stanton St. JohnCEB
2019-09-22Egyptian Goose2ApplefordBJWy
2019-09-21Kingfisher1Iffley: Iffley LockSL
2019-09-21Grey Wagtail2Iffley: Iffley LockSL
2019-09-20Ruff2Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-20Buzzard4Blenheim: Blenheim LakeSL
2019-09-19Shelduck3Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Goldeneye1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Little Stint1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Ruff1Farmoor ReservoirDJ

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Little Stint
Manx Shearwater