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OOS Indoor Meetings and COVID-19

As you will be aware, due to the coronavirus pandemic we are not be able to hold our normal ‘live’ indoor meetings at Exeter Hall at the moment, so for now our 2020/21 talks will be given online using Zoom technology.

Zoom technology enables participants to see, hear and participate in talks and meetings. To join in you will require a computer or smartphone with internet connection, camera, loudspeaker and microphone – most modern phones and laptops will be suitable. You will also need an internet link to the Zoom software (which will contain a unique code for the talk) and an ID code, and these will be sent to you by e-mail nearer the time of the talk. There is no charge, but the audience will be limited to 100 so it will be first come, first served!

We will obviously need your e-mail address to do this, so if anyone has not already informed Eric Dunford ( of their e-mail address, please do so ASAP.

Added 30/09/2020

Next Indoor Event

09/12/2020 (Wed)
A Feathered Rainbow: The Science Behind Avian Colours
By Stephen Pringle
Have you ever wondered why so many birds are amazingly colourful? What produces these colours and why are they quite so diverse? In this talk I will skim the surface of research into the science behind avian colours, and, illustrated with photographs taken on my travels, will discuss the role colour plays in the ecology of birds.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2020-11-22Grey Wagtail1Kidlington: NRCA
2020-11-22Lesser Redpoll2Kidlington: Kidlington ChurchRCA
2020-11-22Bullfinch4 mKidlington: Kidlington ChurchRCA
2020-11-22Coal Tit1Kidlington: Kidlington ChurchRCA
2020-11-19Crossbill1 overBodicoteWPB
2020-11-15Raven2Buckland WarrenBHu
2020-11-12Great Egret1Blenheim: Queen PoolRCA
2020-11-12Wigeon100Port Meadow: Wolvercote CommonSPB
2020-11-10Rose-ringed Parakeet3Oxford: Florence ParkSL
2020-11-10Tawny Owl1NettlebedBJWy
2020-11-10Lesser Redpoll3NettlebedBJWy
2020-11-08Rose-ringed Parakeet1Oxford: Florence ParkGCo
2020-11-07Kingfisher1Kidlington: Oxford CanalRCA
2020-11-07Merlin1Kingston LisleAEd
2020-11-07CrossbillC20Stoke RowBJWy

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