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08/01/2020 (Wed)
Japan: Birding in the Land of the Rising Sun
By: Neil Gartshore
Japan sits in the Palearctic region, the same as the UK, and so provides both familiar and unfamiliar species for the visiting UK bird watcher, these include magnificent eagles and graceful cranes. Together with a very different culture, any trip to the country will be an experience. The talk is a compilation of a number of visits made over a period of 15 years and shares the experiences of Japanese culture and the country’s interesting birdlife.

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22/12/2019 (Sun)
Farmoor, Oxon
Farmoor, Oxon
The meet-up time for this walk is 0900 in the reservoir car park. A parking charge of 2 pounds is usually payable. The car park can be found off the B4017 between Farmoor village and Filchampstead. We will explore the 2 basins for birds and also some of the riverside habitat along the Thames. We should get a good trip list.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2019-12-04Green Sandpiper2Appleford: Appleford GPBJWy
2019-12-04Egyptian Goose6Appleford: Appleford GPBJWy
2019-12-04Peregrine Falcon2ApplefordBJWy
2019-12-02Little Owl1ShillingfordBJWy
2019-12-02Water Rail1ShillingfordBJWy
2019-11-30Blackcap2Oxford: Rose HillSL
2019-11-29Chiffchaff1Buscot Wick: Weston FarmIS
2019-11-29Rose-ringed Parakeet1IffleySL
2019-11-26Little Egret22ClanfieldMRo
2019-11-26Kingfisher1Oxford: city centreSL
2019-11-24Egyptian Goose2ApplefordIL
2019-11-24Green Sandpiper1ApplefordIL
2019-11-24Yellow-legged Gull2nd wApplefordIL
2019-11-24Golden Plover45Bury DownIL
2019-11-24Corn Bunting22Bury DownIL
2019-11-24Little Egret2Brightwell-cum-SotwellIL
2019-11-24Rose-ringed Parakeet1IffleySL

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Caspian Gull
Ring Ouzel