Full Programme of Events 2020-2021

NB: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020/21 programme of events is still being developed and is subject to change at short notice. There are no outdoor events currently scheduled.

Indoor meetings will be held online using the Zoom video-conferencing system. Attendance is limited to 100 on a first-come first-server basis, and you must ensure that the membership secretary has your email address to that you can receive the link for each individual meeeting.

23/09/2020 (Wed)
Scotland - a Land of Mountains and Wilderness
By: Graham Lenton
28/10/2020 (Wed)
Down the Windrush Valley
By: Andy Lewis
09/12/2020 (Wed)
A Feathered Rainbow: The Science Behind Avian Colours
By Stephen Pringle
03/02/2021 (Wed)
Nesting: A tour to meet the nest builders
By Dr. Jenny York
28/04/2021 (Wed)
The Musicality of Birds
By Geoff Sample
19/05/2021 (Wed)
River Thame - birding desert or just under watched and undervalued?
By: Nick Marriner

Calendar Applications

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