Indoor Events

Indoor meetings take place at Exeter Hall, Kidlington. Indoor meetings are free to members; non-members are invited to make a donation.

The start time is 7.45pm prompt and we finish at 10.00pm at the latest.

The Bernard Tucker Memorial Lecture is also held at Exeter Hall and admission is £2.00.

Outdoor Events

Full details will be published in OOS Bulletins and announced at preceding indoor meetings, or contact the OOS Field Trip Secretary, Stephen Alley. Unless otherwise stated, outdoor events are free of charge and are open to non-members.

Lifts to Outings - Can You Help? We frequently get requests from members without cars for lifts to field outings. It would be helpful to have a list of people from various areas and who fairly regularly attend field outings and who have spare car space which they could offer. If you could help in this way please let Stephen know.

Calendar Applications

If you use Apple Calendar or a similar application you can subscribe to an automatically updating calendar of events by adding the URL to your application.

Full Programme of Events 2019-2020

11/09/2019 (Wed)
Great Bustards in England - An Update
By David Waters
22/09/2019 (Sun)
Field Trip to Warburg, Oxon
Warburg, Oxon
09/10/2019 (Wed)
The (Colourful) Nature of Colour Aberrations in Birds
By: Hein van Grouw
20/10/2019 (Sun)
Cotswold Water Park, Wiltshire
Cotswold Water Park, Wiltshire
23/10/2019 (Wed)
BTML Turtle Doves, Trial Plots and Trichomonas: Understanding and conserving the UK's rarest dove.
By: Dr Jenny Dunn
13/11/2019 (Wed)
Wetland Restoration by the RSPB - What Has it Achieved?
By: Dr Malcolm Ausden
24/11/2019 (Sun)
Dinton Pastures, Berkshire
Forthcoming Field Trip to Dinton Pastures, Berkshire on 24th November 2019
11/12/2019 (Wed)
Britain's Wintering Blackcaps - Where do they come from and why are they here?
By: Benjamin Van Doren
22/12/2019 (Sun)
Farmoor, Oxon
Farmoor, Oxon
08/01/2020 (Wed)
Japan: Birding in the Land of the Rising Sun
By: Neil Gartshore
19/01/2020 (Sun)
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
12/02/2020 (Wed)
Woodland Birds: The Importance of Different Sized Woods for Different Groups of Birds.
By: Dr Emma Gardner
16/02/2020 (Sun)
Great Tew, Oxfordshire
Forthcoming Field Trip to Great Tew, Oxon on 16th February 2020"
11/03/2020 (Wed)
Nightjar Tracking and a Review of its Population Changes
By: Dr Greg Conway
15/03/2020 (Sun)
Knepp, West Sussex
08/04/2020 (Wed)
** CANCELLED ** Down the Windrush Valley - Birds in the Cotswolds Landscape
By: Andy Lewis
19/04/2020 (Sun)
** CANCELLED ** Little Marlow Gravel Pits, Buckinghamshire
Little Marlow Gravel Pits, Buckinghamshire
03/05/2020 (Sun)
** CANCELLED ** Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire
Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire
13/05/2020 (Wed)
** CANCELLED ** AGM and members' talks
07/06/2020 (Sun)
** CANCELLED ** New Forest, Hampshire
19/07/2020 (Sun)
** CANCELLED ** Pennington Marshes, Hampshire
Pennington Marshes, Hampshire
16/08/2020 (Sun)
Summerleys, Northamptonshire
Summerleys, Northamptonshire