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08/04/2015 (Wed)
Feathers and flight
Dr Tim Seller
Feathers are the unique and characteristic feature of birds. They are flexible, light and strong, and are used in a variety of ways including providing coloration and efficient body insulation, as well as giving the surface for lift on the wings. During the first part of the lecture we will look closely at feathers from many points of view. Very few groups of animals have developed the ability of active flight, but birds are particularly good at it. The principles involved are common to everything that flies and these are explained simply during the second part of the lecture. The ways that birds use flight in their lives are explored, and the problems they face in different environmental circumstances are explained.

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17/05/2015 (Sun)
New Forest, Hants

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2015-03-26Common Chiffchaff4Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2015-03-22Northern Wheatear5ChurnPC
2015-03-20Eurasian Woodcock1Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2015-03-20Wood Nuthatch2Radley village: Radley CollegeTWGD
2015-03-18Mistle Thrush2SouthmoorMRo
2015-03-18Corn Bunting18Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2015-03-18Reed Bunting1Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2015-03-17Cetti's Warbler2AbingdonBJWy
2015-03-14Blackcap1m, 1fCholseyPC
2015-03-13Northern Wheatear1Aston UpthorpeBJWy
2015-03-13Wood Nuthatch1Radley village: Radley CollegeTWGD
2015-03-13Pied Avocet1Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay Old PitsIL
2015-03-13Common Chiffchaff3Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature ReservePC
2015-03-10Yellowhammer1 callingBucklandMRo
2015-03-10Long-tailed Tit2 With nesting materialBucklandMRo
2015-03-10Sky Lark1 singingBucklandMRo
2015-03-09Jack Snipe1Iffley: Iffley MeadowsWPB
2015-03-09Common Snipe20+Iffley: Iffley MeadowsWPB
2015-03-09Blackcap1m, 1fCholseyPC
2015-03-09Grey Wagtail1Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC

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Pied Avocet
Iceland Gull
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