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03/11/2014 (Mon)
Bernard Tucker Memorial Lecture
Bird Migration by Professor Ian Newton
This talk will discuss the origin and evolution of bird migration, the adaptations that it requires of birds, and some of the remarkable journeys that birds undertake. The emphasis will be on some of the most recent developments in understanding that have come from use of ringing, radar and other modern tracking devices, enabling us to follow individual birds on their journeys. Two books you might like to refer to by Professor Newton 1 ) The migration ecology of birds (2007) Academic Press, (2) Bird Migration (2010) Collins New Naturalist Series.

Next Outing

02/11/2014 (Sun)
College Lake, Bucks
Forthcoming Field Trip to College Lake, Bucks on 2nd November 2014
The meet-up time for this trip is 0930hrs in the reserve car park which is located at SP931143. Tthe car park can be found by leaving the A41 just to the west of Tring, on to the B488 for 2 ½ miles. 275 metres beyond the canal bridge, the entrance to the car park will be found on the left. This reserve has about 6 hides and also boasts a cafe and toilets. The Lakes are worked-out chalk quarries surrounded by woodland and scrub and attract a good range of species. Hope to see you there, all are welcome.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2014-10-19Barn Swallow2Milton-under-WychwoodCB
2014-10-17Rose-ringed Parakeet1Oxford: North OxfordCWL
2014-10-16Eurasian Siskin4Stanton St. JohnCEB
2014-10-14Northern Pintail7StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Great Skua1StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Barn Swallow3StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Little Egret1StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Peregrine Falcon1StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Common Snipe1StandlakeBJWy
2014-10-14Redwingc400Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Common Blackbirdc50Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Song Thrushc20Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Common Raven2Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Meadow Pipitc200Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Common Linnetc200Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Chaffinchc100Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14White / Pied Wagtailc50Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Grey Wagtail1Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Short-eared Owl1Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC
2014-10-14Northern Lapwing36Cholsey: Lollingdon HillPC

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Caspian Gull
Caspian Gull