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12/04/2017 (Wed)
Birds of Wallacea - Where Continents Collide
by John Eyre
Wallacea is a geographic region lying between the Asian and Australasian continents. The area, named after the British naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace, comprises a large group of mainly Indoneasian islands. These bridge the gap and form a ecological transition between the two continents. They hold many bird species whose ancestors originated from either the east or the west. The area is now home to many endemic species. This talk will concentrate on the birds of two large islands in northern Wallacea - Sulawesi and Halmahera. It will describe the search for, and habits of, such birding gems as Wallace's Standardwing, Geomalia, Maleo and Moluccan Scrubfowl.

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23/04/2017 (Sun)
Field Trip to Paxton Pits, Cambs
Paxton Pits Nature Reserve(PE196ET) can be found on the edge of Little Paxton. Turn off the A1 a mile or so to the north of St Neots into the village of Little Paxton and follow the brown signs to the visitor centre and car park. The meet-up time is 10am. The visitor centre has toilets and refreshments and the reserve itself sports 2 hides. This reserve has a very wide range of habitat ranging from riverine vegetation to deep woodland with scrubby meadows and Pits too. Nightingales are present in good numbers from late April so hopefully we will catch up with them but we should get a good list of species on the day. All are welcome and I hope to see you there.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2017-03-28Lesser Redpoll3Sydlings CopseWPB
2017-03-27Siskin2 m fRadley GPWPB
2017-03-26Greenfinch2Upper ArncottWPB
2017-03-25Tree Sparrow1 nearOver NortonWPB
2017-03-24Little Gull5Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2017-03-24Rock Pipit1Farmoor Reservoir: CausewayDJo
2017-03-24Sand Martin200+Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2017-03-23Rose-ringed Parakeet1ShillingfordBJWy
2017-03-22Little Gull2Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor IDJo
2017-03-19Peregrine Falcon3BlenheimMRo
2017-03-19Oystercatcher2Sutton CourtenayBJWy
2017-03-18Merlin1Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Raven1Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Fieldfare40Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Linnet30Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-14Shelduck3Dorchester: Days Lock scrapeBJWy
2017-03-14Goosander1Dorchester: Days LockBJWy
2017-03-13Yellowhammer3Little CoxwellMRo
2017-03-12Reed Bunting12Farmoor ReservoirMRo

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Water Rail
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