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14/12/2016 (Wed)
UK Little Owls
by Dr Emily Joachim
The Little Owl, a relatively recent addition to our avifauna, is rapidly declining. Discover how the public perceive this non-native, what could be driving its decline, and learn about UK Little Owl projects.

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08/01/2017 (Sun)
Field Trip to Manor Farm, Bucks

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2016-12-01Woodcock1Stoke RowBJWy
2016-11-29Merlin1Bury DownBJWy
2016-11-29Stonechat4Bury DownBJWy
2016-11-29Peregrine Falcon1Bury DownBJWy
2016-11-26Bewick's Swan8Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2016-11-23Raven1Stoke RowBJWy
2016-11-23Crossbill1Stoke RowBJWy
2016-11-21Tufted Duck378Farmoor ReservoirTDB
2016-11-21Great Crested Grebe131Farmoor ReservoirTDB
2016-11-20Little Owl2West HanneyED
2016-11-19Blackcap1Stanton St. JohnCEB
2016-11-19Goldeneye3 fYarnton GPsMRo
2016-11-19Barn Owl1DorchesterED
2016-11-17Lesser Redpoll2Stanton St. JohnCEB
2016-11-16Barn Swallow1Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2016-11-15Golden Plover>500Abingdon: Abingdon CommonED
2016-11-15Lapwing200Abingdon: Abingdon CommonED
2016-11-14Fieldfare250Farmoor ReservoirTDB
2016-11-14Little Egret1Farmoor ReservoirTDB

Latest Photos

Barn Swallow
Little Egret
Golden Plover