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11/09/2019 (Wed)
Great Bustards in England - An Update
By David Waters
In this talk David Waters will talk briefly about the history of the Great Bustard in the UK and its return, in particular to Wiltshire. He will then bring us up to date with recent developments and progress of the Great Bustard reintroduction project which has created a self sustaining population of close to 100 individual birds.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2019-08-21Caspian Gull3Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2019-08-20Caspian GulljuvAppleford: Appleford GPIL
2019-08-20Swift6Appleford: Appleford GPIL
2019-08-20Yellow-legged Gull4Appleford: Appleford GPIL
2019-08-13Black Tern8Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-08-11Rose-ringed Parakeet1IffleySL
2019-08-06Rose-ringed Parakeet2Iffley: Iffley LockSL
2019-08-04Wood Sandpiper1 juvApplefordIL
2019-08-04Green Sandpiper5ApplefordIL
2019-08-04Lesser Whitethroat1YarntonMRo
2019-07-31Red Knot1Farmoor Reservoir: CausewayDJ
2019-07-31Wood Sandpiper1Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-07-31Redshank1Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-07-31Ruddy Turnstone2Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-07-31Dunlin1Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-07-31Yellow-legged Gull24Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-07-30Rose-ringed Parakeet2University ParksWH
2019-07-30Mediterranean Gull1 ( juv )Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-07-28Yellow-legged Gull36Farmoor ReservoirIL

Latest Photos

Caspian Gull
Caspian Gull
Wood Sandpiper