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09/12/2015 (Wed)
Birds of the Madagascar Region
by Dr Roger Safford
The Malagasy region consists of the ‘island-continent’ of Madagascar together with its associated islets; the archipelagos of Seychelles, the Comoros and the Mascarenes; and a scattering of small, more isolated islands. The region has an endemic avifauna like no other in the world; this is particularly true of Madagascar, which separated from Africa well over 100 million years ago and has the distinction of hosting three endemic Orders of birds, although one of these – the elephant birds – is extinct. The geological and evolutionary histories of the islands and their birds, supported by molecular analysis of many of the species, reveal the patterns of arrival and diversification of the region’s extraordinary avifauna, from the most ancient endemics to recent colonists. The talk will outline this history, along with some recent discoveries on the natural history of the endemic species, and provide a brief tour of the region’s main habitats and conservation issues.

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20/12/2015 (Sun)
Field trip to Frampton on Severn
The meet-up time for this walk is 0930hrs in a small car park on the edge of Frampton village. The car park can be found by finding the # of the A38 and the A419 near Whitminster. Take the A38 southwards for about half a mile and you will see a signpost pointing right to Frampton on Severn. Take this turning and follow for about ¾ mile to a staggered crossroads. Take the left turn on a straight road southwards through Frampton for about ½ mile, just as the road begins to veer right, peel off left into Watery Lane. Follow Watery Lane for about 200yds and just before it turns into a farm track, you will see a small car park through a gateway on the right. Frampton on Severn is quite a birdy area with gravel pits, woodlands, canal and riverine habitats and usually turns up some interesting birds. Hope to see you there.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2015-11-28Brambling1 femaleStanton St. JohnRAE
2015-11-26Chiffchaffc12Abingdon: Abingdon Sewage FarmIL
2015-11-26Cetti's Warbler1Abingdon: Abingdon Sewage FarmIL
2015-11-26Siskin3Abingdon: Abingdon Sewage FarmIL
2015-11-24Black-necked Grebe2Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor IDJo
2015-11-23Fieldfarec400White Horse HillJCK
2015-11-23House Sparrow23West HendredJCK
2015-11-23Lapwing17White Horse HillJCK
2015-11-22Marsh Harrier2Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Brambling2Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Great Cormorant2Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Grey Heron4Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Canada Goose60+Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Greylag Goose30+Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Shoveler6Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Kestrel2Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Snipe12Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Lapwing11Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Kingfisher1Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo
2015-11-22Great Spotted Woodpecker1Otmoor: RSPB reserveMRo

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Black-necked Grebe
Marsh Harrier