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Recent Sightings

Date Species Count Site Who
2017-03-28Lesser Redpoll3Sydlings CopseWPB
2017-03-27Siskin2 m fRadley GPWPB
2017-03-26Greenfinch2Upper ArncottWPB
2017-03-25Tree Sparrow1 nearOver NortonWPB
2017-03-24Little Gull5Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2017-03-24Rock Pipit1Farmoor Reservoir: CausewayDJo
2017-03-24Sand Martin200+Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2017-03-23Rose-ringed Parakeet1ShillingfordBJWy
2017-03-22Little Gull2Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor IDJo
2017-03-19Peregrine Falcon3BlenheimMRo
2017-03-19Oystercatcher2Sutton CourtenayBJWy
2017-03-18Merlin1Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Raven1Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Fieldfare40Lands End nr FarnboroughIL
2017-03-18Linnet30Lands End nr FarnboroughIL

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